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Products that save you time and money.

From the safest robot lawn mowers to the most efficient floor cleaners, FGRs products save you time and money.

Engineering Services

Internet of Things (IoT)
Engineering Services

FGR is your stop for help with sensors, deivces, gateways and portals for your IoT solution

Data Integration

Modbus, CANBus, PROFINET, Binary, LORA, MQTT, what ever your data format is and the protocol you need, FGR can make it for you!

Engineering Consulting

FGR is a high technology company, let our engineers help you with your IoT or automation project!

Floor Cleaning Robot

Cleaner Floors in less time.

The FGR FloorBot is an industrial robot floor cleaner designed to replace your Bulldog or Tennant floor cleaner. It will clean better and save you time and money because once the FloorBot is installed … cleaning the floor is effortless.

SmartMow Robot Lawn Mowers

Safest and most capable robot lawn mower.

Save time and money with the safest and easiest to use robot lawn mower in the market. Our patented technology makes other robot lawn mowers obsolete. Get the new SmartMow at

Why Choose Us?

Most Powerful Robotics

We make safe, reliable robots that save you time and money. Don’t let dirty floors or long grass ruin your day and destroy your budget. Know the products from FGR will reliably save you time and money.

Future Gen Robotics

FGR FloorBot

FGR FloorBot will replace your industrial floor cleaner like the Bulldog or Tennat floor cleaners.  Our Patent Pending technology will save you time and effort as the FGR FloorBot will clean your floor autonomously.