About Us

Futuregenrobotics (FGR), LLC is a VOSB High Technology Engineering company, based out of Florida, that specializes in Custom Computer System Designs. Here we use 18+ years of industry experience and Machine Learning Technology to help integrate and innovate Commercial and Government outfits.

At FGR, we create custom software that is used to Forecast, Track, and Report systems or product usage as well as equipment and materials through various life cycles. Our expert engineers develop algorithms tailored to your industry’s specific needs, then program, implement, and train on the new software helping to account for annual repairs, inventory demands, and more. Additionally, FGR uses Data Sciences, Computer Vision, A.I., Software Publishing, and Telecom Management to produce full turnkey designs that can be used in any Military Agency or Profitable Business. We are your Engineering Specialists ready to serve you!

At FutureGenRobotics, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in the most effective manner possible. We will introduce ourselves to you by walking through some of our projects.

The SmartMow robot lawnmower is our flagship product. Yes, before SmartMow there were other robot lawnmowers and there are some after the development of SmartMow. But what is SmartMow? SmartMow is the most technologically advanced and safest robot lawnmower in the world; we build SmartMows because we know every SmartMow we sell replaces another dangerous lawn mower and reduces lawn mower injuries to humans, especially kids.

The WorkForce Tracker project developed in March 2020 is without a doubt the world’s first Covid tracking program.  We converted our machine learning equipment tracking software (used by large airline companies) to track people’s phones.

Yes, you read that right, we developed machine learning-based equipment tracking software perfect for airlines and any other industry that needs to know 1) where your equipment is and 2) when you’re going to need it. 

Other stuff we do ….. When we are not developing our own products, like our new floor cleaner, then we are often helping other companies with their projects.  We love solving technical problems that are painful to others.  Our sandbox is broad, we specialize in mobile robotics, machine learning, aerospace, and IoT.  We make rapid prototypes of products you’ll likely never hear about as well.