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FGR develops innovative technology to solve the most time-consuming tasks.  


Safest (& Easiest to use) robot lawn mower.

SmartMow is the safest and easiest to use robot lawnmower in the world.  Designed for yards over 1-acre SmartMow’s patented technology ensures unparalleled safety and ease of use.

Floor Bot

FGr Floor Bot

The FGR floor bot is designed to clean and sanitize floors around 4,000 sq feet multiple times per day.  Ideal for medium to large spaces with heavy foot traffic.

FGR’s Workforce Tracking System

Tracking equipment and people.

FGR’s workforce tracking system is designed to track people and equipment.  The tracking system uses machine learning to forecast equipment demand and planned maintenance windows.  The Apps, enable employers to track employees in a worksite and specify proper work areas as in the construction industry.


Autonomous Underwater Cargo Transport

FGR’s AUCT is designed to provide access to Caribbean islands that may not be able to afford the infrastructure for large cargo ships.  

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