Keep your Family and Workforce Safe!

FGR Workforce Tracking System (WTS)

The FGR Workforce Tracking System (WTS) is designed to track your workforce by location, ask them about their emotional state, and keep them in their safe work zone or isolation zone.   The WTS system provides contact-tracing so that customers can determine the risk to their workforce.

WTS has Apple and Android Applications.

WTS has a secure Administration platform.

WTS is available now.

WTS may have your branding.

For more information of all capabilities and features, please contact us

WTS SmartPhone Applications

WTS SmartPhone applications install on the Workforce User’s phone and transmit the phone’s GPS location and emotional state to the WTS Server, every 60 seconds.  A 100-meter safe zone is automatically created at the address entered at the time of registration. A unique company (group) code links WTS users to Customer Admin(s).

The workforce user registers with the application.

The WTS SmartPhone application collects:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Company /Group Code
  • Email 
  • Password

The workforce user logs into the SmartPhone Application.

The Show Zone button shows the location of the Workforce user within their Safe Zone.

For more information of all capabilities and features, please contact us

The Change Zone button allows the Workforce user to adjust the location of the safe zone.

WTS Portal

The WTS Portal provides methods for Administrators to track and manage Workforce Users.  

The WTS Portal has the following functionality:

Restricted Access:

Only approved administrators may have access to the WTS Portal.

Admin users may only manually be approved by the Super Admin.

An Admin may draw a new geofence (safe zone) on the map.  When a user leaves the geofence, the Marker color turns red and Alerts are generated.

While most safe zones are created automatically upon smartphone registration, an Admin user may create new geofences (safe zones) and assign specific Independent Contractors to a specific work area.

Users may be assigned to specific safe zones (geofence) for a duration of days.

Super Admins and Admins may assign safe zones (geofences) to other admins.  This allows specific Admins to be assigned to manage a group of users by:

  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Company Code (unique per company)
  • Country 
  • Email address
  • Name

WTS Alerts 

The WTS Platform sends email alerts to Admins when their assigned users either 1) leave the safe zone (geofence) or 2) The App on their phone does not report position for X duration of minutes (defaults to 120 minutes).

For more information of all capabilities and features, please contact us